The enlightened call a person wise when all his undertakings are free from anxiety about results.

— Krishna in The Gita

The mind is everything. What you think you become.
— Buddha

Saturday, 22 May 2010

Kites doesn’t soar

A couple of days back I was reading somewhere that a British woman (Dubai resident), who had lived in India as a child, was eagerly looking forward to watching Kites. “I’m planning to drag my friends with me,” she said. “They feel Indian films lack substance but this one is going to be different.”

I wonder whether she watched the film and regretted doing so, at least dragging her friends. Because I watched the film yesterday and was mighty disappointed.

First the good bits…It’s well-produced, has a real exotic appeal, Barbara Mori and Hrithik Roshan are extremely impressive, the choreography is outstanding, the stunts are well-executed and there are some unexpected twists in the clichéd plot.

Having said that Anurag Basu doesn’t quite deliver. The biggest flaw is the script itself, written by Basu on the basis of a story by Rakesh Roshan, who has also produced the film.

The film tries to give us everything: romance, action and even comedy, but none of it, I’m afraid, is worth crowing about. The story is about two gold-diggers with sad past, Jai and Natasha, both of whom are scheming to get married to the siblings of the richest but a very brutal family who owns casinos in Las Vegas.

But their schemes fall off and they fall in love with each other inviting the wrath of the family headed by Kabir Bedi (who makes no impression whatsoever) and his son (newcomer Nick Brown, who doesn’t do badly given his two-dimensional role). The rest of the film can be summed us in thus, chase, romance, chase…

I’m not going to tell you any more lest I spoil it for you. But as an avid fan of Roshan and Basu I was let down. On the whole the film looked like a bad cross between a B-grade Hollywood movie and a B-grade Hindi movie, without any emotional core whatsoever.

The film was supposed to be a romance, if I’m not mistaken. But where is the chemistry between the lead pair? Was the rumoured affair between Roshan Junior and Mori just that, a rumour, you know, a publicity stunt? They look extremely good together—Rhithik is getting more handsome each year and Mori’s vulnerability and earthy charm are irresistible. But that’s it. The inability to speak to each other should have brought a different kind of chemistry to the screen (remember Ek Duje Ke Liye?), but in Kites, despite the smouldering looks, bare bods and exotic locales, the romance doesn’t quite take off.

Should you see the film? Yes, you should. Because if you go to the theatre leaving your expectations behind you might be able to enjoy it better than I did. Basu and Roshan tried to do something different and I think they deserve kudos just for that.

Oh almost forgot…Kangana sizzles in her short role. I love this girl—she manages to better herself each time.


  1. Hmmm another fren of mine who has seen it also has the same view as you!!!

    Am for sure skipping the movie!

  2. Well the very name of the movie "KITES" suggests that it could well be a risk goin to watch the movie. Afterall the higher ya go the harder ya fall.
    And secondly, my experience tells me the more a hype is created the end-result is always a disaster.
    But as a conclsion to offer some consolation to the cast, director and the bechara Indian audience, I's just say one man's food is other man's poison.
    So if you are a person seeking three hours of timepass go spend ur money.

    Kati Patang!

  3. Kati Patang, is that what I can say of the much hyped film "KITES"
    Having a studded star-cast is no recipe for a super hit, that we know down the age.
    But then Indian cinema fans are die-hard just like our cricket fans, ever forgiving.
    Come on Mr Roshan's you could have doen better.

  4. Good reading and also a warning for those who wants to watch Kites with lot of expectations.
    A hero like Hrithik Roshan in the lead and charming Barbara Mori as his love interest, a hit film maker Anurag Basu on the directorial seat, a banner like Filmkraft, who had delivered many hits in the past – what else is needed for the audience for high expectations about an international bollywood film?
    Although Hrithik has performed well in the film, the weak story, lack of proper editing and all other negative factors like zero chemistry, no melody and no romance has missed a golden opportunity for Hrithik Roshan to introduce himself to Hollywood.

  5. Like Omar kureishi said on TV..this movie has all body no it has no story.

  6. Oh yes, friends around gave similar reviews.
    And yesterday, I saw on TV that the distributors of the movie in Bihar & UP are very upset and have in fact returned back the prints coz the major part of the movie is in English and Spanish! Hence no audience for that in these places.